Compassionate Woman Befriends an Angry Stray Tabby Cat Who Captures Her Heart

While peering out of her Sheffield, England home, Anastasia Sutcliff caught a glimpse of a very angry, distrusting stray tabby cat who immediately captured her heart. To help him out, Sutcliff built a warm place in her yard for the cat to sleep and was amazed when he actually used it. Slowly, Sutcliff and the cat, whom she now called Tiger, became friends. He even allowed Sutcliff to pet him.

Sadly, a neighbor had called the local animal charity because Tiger was still a mean homeless cat. Luckily, Tiger was sent to a foster home to be rehabilitated and Sutcliff was able to visit with him. After a bit of negotiating with her landlord, Sutcliff was able to adopt Tiger as her own.

Sutcliff told Good Morning America that Tiger reminded her of herself.

We had similar personalities don’t trust people that much so I just felt that this cat understood me somehow. This cat was special.

Now Tiger lives the good life with a dedicated human who loves him very much.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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