A Hauntingly Beautiful Cover of ‘With or Without You’ Performed on a Custom Triple Neck Acoustic Guitar

Musician Luca Stricagnoli performed a hauntingly beautiful cover of the U2 song “With or Without You” on his custom triple neck guitar crafted by Italian luthier Davide Serracini. Stricagnoli also employed an EBow, a battery powered handheld electronic bow for guitar to achieve a gorgeous sliding vibrato and a Schlagwerk MC40 MultiClap, which provided the percussion.

“With Or Without You” by U2, arranged and performed by Luca on his Reversed Triple Neck Guitar built by Davide Serracini. The third neck, reversed, has an e-bow attached to it that keeps the central string vibrating, producing a constant high pitched sound that imitates the iconic original version of the song.