How Animals Provide a Sense of Comfort in Their Uncomplicated Ignorance of the World

The Wisdom of Animals

In “The Wisdom of Animals”, the ever-insightful School of Life remarked about the comfort found in coming home to an animal who is completely ignorant about world problems, yet always contain a well-filled reserve of unconditional love to share.

One of the most consoling aspects of animals – it might be a dog, a sheep, a lizard or a beetle – is that their priorities have nothing whatsoever to do with our own perilous and tortured agendas. They are redemptively unconcerned with everything we are and want. …Time around animals invites us into a world in which most of the things that obsess us have no significance – which corrects our characteristic over-investment in matters which make only a limited contribution to the essential task of existence: to be kind, to make the most of our talents, to love and to appreciate