Wink Fun, A New Site That Reviews a Fun Non-Digital Toy Every Weekday

Wink Fun Toy and Game Reviews

Back in 2014 we posted about the launch of Wink, a site that reviews noteworthy books that are uniquely suited to the good old-fashioned dead tree format–as opposed to the glowing rectangle format. The blog was created by Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired, with Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair, founders of Boing Boing. Today, the Wink team announced the launch of Wink Fun, a review site for toys and games that reside in the see-it, taste-it, touch-it realm. Every weekday the site will review a single item, including board games, magic tricks, and robot kits.

Wink Fun celebrates stuff that is fun, and we mean the kind of fun that’s made from atoms – not bits. We mean putty you can bounce, slime you can squish, cards you can shuffle, forts you can build, skateboards you can race, water guns you can squirt – fun that matters, made of matter.

image via Mark Frauenfelder

via Boing Boing