Windows Vista Laptop Auction Traffic

Apache accesses

I though some you server geeks might be interested in seeing our Munin graph for Apache accesses during the last 24 hours to get an idea of the kind of traffic being generated by the Windows Vista laptop auction for EFF post. Xeni posted the story to Boing Boing around 1pm yesterday. Next it hit the top of the front page of digg at around 8:30pm last night (that’s the big spike on the graph). Then at about 1am this morning, CowboyNeal posted it to Slashdot.

Also a fair amount of traffic is also coming in from Groklaw, Daring Fireball and Linux Today.

Mint Referrers

Shaun Inman’s excellent blog statistics script Mint has been a great tool for watching referrer links almost in real time as they’ve been coming in.

I’m glad we run our own servers. The server hosting is really being put to the test this week, but doing quite well so far.

Alexa Traffic Graph (12/23-12/29)

UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot of our Alexa traffic graph from this week.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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