Windows Experience Index for Acer Ferrari 1000

Windows Experience Index

I just wanted to follow-up on something people have been discussing. On my original post about the Acer Ferrari 1000 laptop with Windows Vista that was sent to me, I included a screenshot of the computer information section of the control panel. OakLeaf Systems reported that on the screenshot they noticed that the laptop had a low Windows Experience Index score of 2.8.

In the comments of that post, Zen suggested that I click on the “Update my score” to see if that rating would improve. I went ahead and tried that, but the score remained 2.8. I’ve included a screenshot of the full Windows Experience Index breakdown for those who are interested.

The Windows Experience Index measures the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration and expresses this measurement as a number called a base score. A higher base score generally means that your computer will perform better and faster than a computer with a lower base score, especially when performing more advanced and resource-intensive tasks.

Each hardware component receives an individual subscore. Your computer’s base score is determined by the lowest subscore. For example, if the lowest subscore of an individual hardware component is 2.6, then the base score is 2.6. The base score is not an average of the combined subscores.

You can use the base score to confidently buy programs and other software that are matched to your computer’s base score. For example, if your computer has a base score of 3.3, then you can confidently purchase any software designed for this version of Windows that requires a computer with a base score of 3 or lower.