Will a Cat Walk Across an Aluminum Foil Floor?

Do Cats Walk On Foil

The human of Catpusic (previously) strategically covered the hallway floor with aluminum foil to see if his very clever kitty would walk across it.

Pusic was very confused at first, pacing back and forth in the safety of the uncovered floor. Upon realizing there was no escape, Pusic stepped upon the shiny surface and began a slow walk to the other side. The foil crunch underneath his little feet, but the brave cat kept moving forward, his eyes focused on the tile that waited for him. When the foil shrieked at him, Pusic investigated but still kept going. Upon reaching the end, a very relieved cat reunited with his human.

Most cats don’t like the sound or the feel of aluminium foil. Is it true? Let’s do an experiment! We lay the floor with foil in the hall and the only way for the cat to get out of this dead-end is through the foil floor. Will the cat risk walking across it or will he surrender immediately?

Cat Aluminum Foil

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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