Wild Raven Refuses to Leave Rescuer’s Home

When a rejected, malnourished baby raven came to her office, veterinarian Linnett Lee decided that he should come home with her so that she could get him strong enough to be released back into the wild. The raven, whom Lee named Walter, decided otherwise. He had made himself very comfortable in Lee’s home and even made friends with Lee’s dogs, so he saw no need to leave. Because he’s a wild bird, Lee can’t think of him as a pet; instead, she considers him “free range”.

We did try to release him he didn’t want to go and now he’s here every day. We did have to soft release him sort of into our yard. We have an acre property down here on the coast so he was able to go around and be his normal self. Oh well, he’s been free range ever since. …Walter, although he hangs around technically is not a pet, he’s just an annoying wild bird. 

Rescued Raven Wont Leave

Despite his irritating habits, Walter has made his way into Lee’s heart.

As much as of a wild bird as he is, I do love him lots and I do get worried if he sort of strays a bit too far or I can’t find him. But he does seem to hang around, which is good.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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