Why Standard Workplace Expectations Are Easier to Negotiate Than the Nebulous Rules of Love

In the latest of their incredibly insightful videos, the School of Life offers an animated explanation as to how the basic expectations of the workplace are so much easier for humans to negotiate than the nebulous boundaries regarding matters of the heart.

The assumption of most jobs is that people who begin them don’t have the first clue about what’s going on. You’re not expected to know the machinery with the protocols by intuition alone. there for your sent on training programs and given extensive manuals to read. It might be two years before you’re supposed to understand very much at all. There is no such luxury for lovers who are meant to get one another by immediate instinct and take a speedy comprehension to be a proof of the sincerity of their love. Sometimes love as well even say that they knew they were meant to be together because they could communicate without needing to speak.