People Around the World Share What They Are Doing While Staying at Home in a Beautiful Circular Video

Filmmaker Joe Sabia (previously) of the popular “73 Questions” series and Aaron Rasmussen (previously) created a beautiful, narrated circular video that shows nice things people around the world are doing with their downtime while staying at home. The addition of the Jackson Browne song “These Days” adds a true sense of community to the video.

nice things around the world. Aaron Rasmussen and I made a video showing nice things around the world from people in 26 countries speaking 18 languages.

The video starts off with the filmmakers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before it goes to a woman in Los Angeles describing what she’s been doing. She then virtually turns to a woman in Beijing who does the same. From there it goes from to Nairobi, Kenya to Paris, France to Berlin, German to Tbilisi, Georgia, to Cuenca, Ecuador to Tehran, Iran to Toronto, Canada to Bangkok, Thailand to São Paolo, Brazil to Oslo, Norway to Coromandel, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia to Beirut, Lebanon to London, U.K. to Rome, Italy to Brussels, Belgium to Barcelona, Spain, to Tel Aviv, Israel, to Lima, Peru, to Hoh Chih Minh City, Vietnam, to Manipal, India, to Abuja, Nigeria, to Delft, Netherlands, to Minsk, Belarus, and then to Old Lyme, Connecticut. The video then comes back to Joe in Williamsburg, who stated that he’s spending his time watching these wonderful clips.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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