What I Wore Today, A Doodle Fashion Book by Gemma Correll

Illustrator Gemma Correll has authored her first book titled What I Wore Today which is a sketchpad/journal that lets you doodle your daily fashion choices. Take a look at some examples of what other people have drawn at the What I Wore Today Flickr page.

Part sketchpad, part journal, this is a totally customizable record of how you like to dress, what you love to do and who you really are. Maybe you’re a budding artist or a haute couture designer. Maybe you can’t draw much more than a stick man, but gosh darn it, you like clothes and colouring in. Whoever you are, so long as you like having fun with fashion (the way you wear it), and have a pencil to hand, you can scribble, sketch and doodle your way through a year’s worth of your best outfits, or biggest fashion mistakes. Whichever you’re most proud of, really. So, explore your creative side and get in touch with the most fashionable person you know – you!

What I Wore Today

2 de Marzo

images via Gemma Correll and Oriana Gómez

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff