‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Hilariously Shares the Plot for His Unrealized Action Hero Film ‘Accordion Repo Man’

In a rather energetic interview with IMDb for their Unmade series, the five-time Grammy Award winner “Weird Al” Yankovic shared his idea for an unrealized action hero film called “Accordion Repo Man”. The lead character was based his a job he had while in music school and the plot is pure “Weird Al”.

I got a job working at a music conservatory. Teaching was my main gig, but a part of the job was being an accordion of repo-man. I guess I should explain that. So the accordion school would lend them an accordion to practice on at home while the kid was taking lessons. Now if the kids stopped taking lessons and the parents somehow forgot to return the accordion, that’s when they’d call for accordion repo-man. I always kind of thought that would be a cool action hero.

via The Awesomer