We Can Chew It!, Rosie the Retriever T-Shirts Help Support ASPCA

Rosie the Retriever T-Shirt Supporting the ASPCA

The Fluffington Post has joined up with the ASPCA to sell limited edition Rosie the Retriever t-shirts through TeeSpring for a good cause. $3 will go toward the ASPCA for each t-shirt that they sell and that will be help put a stop to animal cruelty and find good homes for abandoned pets. The Rosie the Retriever illustration by Kiersten Essenpreis is based off of the famous 1943 Rosie the Riveter poster design by J. Howard Miller.

We can’t create this special tee without your help. Unless we sell a minimum of 175 shirts, they simply won’t get printed, and puppies everywhere will cry. You don’t want a bunch of crying puppies on your hands, believe us.

This special piece of wearable art…will be screen printed on shirts made by Alternative Apparel — a company that prides itself on high-quality materials and sustainable business practices. This isn’t one of those “I’ll just wear it to bed” kind of T-shirts. It’s more of an “I’ll wear it to really cool parties and all my friends will be jealous” kind of T-shirt. Men’s and women’s cuts are available!

Rosie the Retriever T-Shirt Supporting the ASPCA

via The Fluffington Post

Thanks Josh Catone!