Walk Off The Earth, Covering Popular Songs With Unique Music Videos

Canadian band Walk Off The Earth covers popular songs in fun-to-watch music videos. Their recent cover of the hit song by Gotye, Somebody I used to Know, is particularly charming. The band’s singles are available to purchase online.

Walk off the Earth, is one of the only “Truly” Independent bands in the music Industry today. They have had no help from record labels, managers, booking agents or publicists. They’ve gain much of their success through word of mouth from their dedicated and loyal fans. Their passion to create Great Music, Entertaining Original Videos and Innovative Live Performances is all they will need to be recognized as the new face of Music!

The cover version by Walk Off The Earth:

And the original music video by Gotye:

Their work has recently gone viral and they recently posted a sweet video thank you to their fans:

Their entire music video library of cover songs also includes a delightful ukulele-filled version of Someone Like You by Adele.

Thanks to Shari Cleland for the tip!