VYou, Broadcasting and Sharing Conversational Video


VYou is a new website were people can create videos in response to popular questions, over time building a database of knowledge. Alexia Tsotsis of TechCrunch describes it as a combination of Formspring, YouTube and Twitter.

VYou allows people to broadcast video structured as conversations, offering the most personal form of social interaction on the web. It works like this: you record video responses to messages entered by friends and fans. VYou organizes their messages and your videos into conversations, making the experience feel continuously live even though the content is stored.

VYou lets you get advice from experts, interact with your favorite celebrity or organization, or communicate with friends and family using a social presence that persists even when you’re away. As a simple application it can be embedded and posted anywhere on the web giving you tremendous power and creative control. Where the likes of Twitter and Youtube have paved the way, VYou is the next generation in social communications to an online audience.

Here’s how it works:

1) You reach a profile page, which has a video of someone waiting for you to interact with them. At first it “feels live,” but it’s actually not.

2) Below the video you are prompted to enter a message/question. If there is a video associated with that message, it plays back instantly. If there isn’t, then you submit the message for them to record a video response to.

3) Over time, as messages are entered and responses are created, a video profile builds that people can interact with. The interactions feel like personal, one-to-one communications, even though the content is stored.