Vsauce3 Explains What Would Happen If You Were Hit by Ken’s Powerful Shoryuken Uppercut From ‘Street Fighter’

In his latest video, Vsauce3 host Jake Roper explains what would happen if someone were hit by Ken Masters‘ powerful “shoryuken” uppercut from the Street Fighter video games. With Ken’s special attack producing approximately 7,569.5 newtons of force, a normal human being would surely lose their head (literally) when hit under the chin.

In my quest to apply video game violence to real life I went after the age old question of what would actually happen to a person if they were hit by Ken’s Shoryuken from Street Fighter? It turns out…it wouldn’t be good. Ken is able to go 23ft in the air from standing with the move and knock his opponent 14 feet into the air. His fist could lift a cow off the ground without much effort. I was able to calculate the amount of force and energy from the uppercut and, from that, was able to recreate the move using a machine and a ballistic dummy.

animated GIF via Vsauce3

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips