Volkswagen Australia Reimagines Scary Driving Situations as Horror Film Posters in New Tiguan Ads

Volkswagen Australia enlisted DDB Sydney to introduce their new Tiguan with an ad campaign that pokes gentle fun at the scariest things about driving in the form of horror film posters. These were all designed by artist Matt Ryan Tobin. The posters feature scary driving films such as “The Parallel Park”, “The Highway Merge”, “The Roundabout”, and “The Pedestrian”. The car itself is the hero of the story.

The road can be a scary place. From merging on the highway to squeezing into an impossibly tight parallel park, the road can be a little frightening sometimes. The new Tiguan featuring IQ.DRIVE3 is bursting with tech so you can conquer your road fears and take on any drive with absolute confidence.

The Highway Merge VW Australia

The Pedestrian VW Australia

via Creative Review