Colorful Animations That Gracefully Visualize the Calls of Amazon Rainforest Birds

“Visual Sounds of the Amazon” is a beautiful video by the talented Australian mixed media artist Andy Thomas, which features colorfully animated, gracefully moving visualizations of the bird sounds he recorded during a 2016 trip to the Amazon Rainforest in and around Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil. This first installment video will be screened at the Render Festival in Lima, Peru, which take place through November 5, 2017.

Last year I took my artwork to the next level by travelling to the Amazon rain forest to collect the sights and sounds of one of the worlds most amazing jungles, with the hope of spreading awareness about its plight.

The video is part of a much larger project for Thomas, who wants to educate the “the public about the deforestation of forests in Brazil…and the consequent deterioration of global warming” through his videos.