The City of Vienna Turns Into a Surreal Carnival in a Whimsical Short Film by Fernando Livschitz

In the whimsical short film “Vienna is like…” by the very talented filmmaker Fernando Livschitz of Black Sheep Films shows the Austrian capital city turning into a surreal carnival.

The statues, spires, and cupolas of the city float into the sky as the buildings with tethers to ensure they don’t drift away, people dance into their clothes, the streetcars are connected by colorful springs, invisible horses tow carriages across a park and a stately church steeple sprouts horizontal Ferris wheel gondolas. All of these wonderful effects are very indicative of Livschitz’s distinct style.

Uplifting, dream-like and fun, Argentine film-maker Fernando Livschitz’s works playfully transpose fantasy elements into meticulously captured contemporary backdrops – some iconic, others mundane – to charming and mind-boggling effect.