Velvety Fezzes by Fez-O-Rama Are Real Thinking Caps

Secret handshakes and memberships in exclusive fraternal lodges are no longer required to don a velvety tassled fez thanks to Jason Rodgers, the Grand Poobah of Fez-o-Rama. This haberdasher of handmade fezzes creates pieces that run the gambit in designs from the geek-lovin’ Google Chrome logo to the esoteric Cthulhu, making them real “thinking caps.” Of course, we are most endeared to the fez featuring Lord Percy “Bob” Scuttlefish, a cephalopod that “infiltrates polite society.”

Forget about zombies, apes and robots. It’s the Cephalopods we’ve got to keep our eyes on!

via Fez-o-rama