Vector, A Friendly Little Robot That’s Specifically Coded to Use Its Wonderfully Helpful Powers For Good Not Evil

Vector Friendly Robot

Vector by Anki Home Robotics is a friendly little robot that can do a great many things. Vector can give a fist bump, act as a timer, give the weather, look up anything on the internet and is very, very happy to see you when you get home. Vector has also been specifically coded to use its numerous powers for good rather than evil.

We have a very strict quality control process to make sure that no evil robotic overlords emerge…
There is a huge amount of code inside the robots a few million lines of code at this point. That software really encompasses everything from the character to the low-level operating system to the cloud functionality. He has a camera in his face and that’s actually one of his primary sensors not just capturing the light in all the pixels but it’s making sense of those pixels he knows what it is and where the stuff is. That code creates his intelligence and his personality we think both about the IQ and the intelligence as well as the EQ.

Vector Timer

Vector was a highly successful Kickstarter Project, raising over $1.8 million in less than one month.

Anki is running an amusing ad that stresses how friendly Vector is in comparison to other home robots.

Here’s a look at what’s inside Vector.

Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Vector kind of resembles Lucas the Spider and is just as cute.

Vector as Lucas

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