Vandalized Vintage, Artist Turns Antique China Into Profane Works of Art

more Double Trouble

Reworked vintage English Tuscan fine bone china 5″ saucers with daisy patterns in lilac and green and framed by a blue striped border.

Take a bow motherf cker!

Reworked vintage English pin plate with ornate pink border and rosy center attached to red striped ribbon with a gold metal loop hanger.

The other end of Shithead.

Reworked vintage English Royal Vale 6 1/2″ bone china plate with deep yellow roses and gold edge.

Celebrate your lady bits.
Poon Muff and Cunny.

Reworked vintage Colditz 6″ porcelain saucers with pink floral garland borders.



It must be the wide set eyes and your large forehead!
Vintage plate with text in heat fused ceramic paint.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Kiwi artist Karen Dennis has thought of some real zingers to make grandma’s old dishes completely naughty and wildly inappropriate for formal tea parties (or not, depending where you stand on things). In her Etsy shop, Vandalized Vintage, she sells her wonderfully low brow reworked pieces.

photos by Trixie Delicious