Urbantakeover, Claim Spots In Your City & Track Them Online

guest post by Johannes Grenzfurthner

claim golden gate bridge

urbantakeover is a virtual reality game mashup that was started by a couple of smart guys from Vienna. You play it both in the streets or in places of your ‘real’ city — and online.

The task is to put special stickers with your name/tag/signature or even a picture onto buildings or other static stuff around. You can send a text message to urbantakeover with your mobile phone in order to ‘claim’ the spot you marked. On urbantakeover’s website you can see your and your team’s owned territories. But you have to watch out. Others can snatch your spots away by re-claiming the locations. If you are being attacked you get a text message so you can ‘fight back’ immediately.

More games are coming soon (ever wanted to play Go on a ‘board’ the size of your city?)

Get your team ready, go out and reclaim your city…

Here are some photos of claimed spots:

crossed by stereotype @ microsoft
Microsoft, crossed

claim google
Google, crossed

Claimed fat ferret
Ferret, crossed

photos by Florian Hufsky & MyraSuicide