A Space Saving Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Trimmed Tree With Gifts

The online Christmas tree retailer Treetopia, who carries holiday trees in a fabulous rainbow of colors, is selling an amusing tree that faces upside down when properly placed. This unique shape saves space and offers more room for presents and while it’s not as cat-proof or toddler-proof as the umbrella-shaped, top half Christmas tree, it probably does decrease the climbability of the tree.

Fall head-over-heels in love with Treetopia’s 7-foot Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree. It features a full shape and 100% classic PVC needles with hand-strung clear lights that cast a warm glow during the holidays. Its unique shape makes it a whimsical backdrop for your beloved ornaments while providing ample space for presents.

The tree comes in either a trimmed or untrimmed version.

Upside Tree With Gifts

If space is really a concern, Treetopia also has a half (lengthwise) Christmas tree that easily snuggles into corners.

Treetopia’s 7-foot My Better Half Christmas Tree gives you the full Christmas experience at half the size. Its unique flatback profile saves you precious floor space while enjoying the appearance of a full tree.

My Better Half Tree

via Dude I Want That, Mike Shouts

Lori Dorn
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