Update on Windows Vista Laptop Blogger Controversy

Acer Ferrari 1000 with Windows Vista

Earlier this week, Microsoft & AMD via the PR firm Edelman, sent me and several other bloggers an Acer Ferrari 1000 laptop with Windows Vista as a “present” with “no strings attached” (that’s the wording that they used in the email they sent me). There has been quite a bit of controversy related to this issue.

Just to be clear, I never had any intention on keeping this laptop. I’m a Mac user and open source person and I’ve actually been in the process of purging all of my old PC’s. I use still Windows, but mostly for troubleshooting hosting issues with our Windows customers (I run a small web hosting company), IE compatibility testing for our websites, to try out Windows only betas and to play the occasional Windows only game. The way I run Windows XP now is with Parallels Desktop for Mac or Boot Camp and I will do the same with Windows Vista. I plan on purchasing the Windows Vista upgrade for our company like I have in the past with previous versions. Regarding the Acer Ferrari 1000 laptop, I will be unloading it in an interesting fashion. Stay tuned.

PR blogger Brian Solis wrote a great post about this issue over on PR 2.0. Jeremy Pepper of POP! PR also has a write-up about the ethical implications. Both are from the perspective of bloggers who work in public relations. I’m still curious to see what Tara Hunt think about all of this.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to auction off the laptop on eBay and donate the proceeds to EFF.

photo credit: Scott Beale
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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