Unicorn Pizza, A Brightly Hued Giant Sugar Cookie Covered in Cotton Candy, Pop Rocks and Sprinkles

Industry Kitchen NYC, the home of the most expensive pizza in the world per Guinness World Records, has created the “Pop Candy Land Pizza“, a giant rainbow-colored sugar cookie topped with sweet vanilla icing, colorful sprinkles, Pop Rocks, finished with a big dollop of cotton candy. Once fully decorated, the cookie, affectionately known as Unicorn Pizza, is the cut into triangular slices and served, similar to its more traditional namesake. Additionally, the Unicorn Pizza can’t be found on the under desserts, instead, it occupies its rightful space within the pizza category. Danielle Tullo of Cosmo Bites described this tooth-achingly sugary dessert perfectly.

Unicorn pizza exists and it’s basically a giant sugar cookie covered in fluffy cotton candy…Unicorn freaking pizza. I think we’ve hit peak magical food.

Industry Kitchen Unicorn Pizza

image via Industry Kitchen NYC

via Cosmopolitan