The Profound Emotional Underpinnings Behind the Iconic Pink Floyd Album ‘Wish You Were Here’

YouTuber Polyphonic took a look at the iconic Pink Floyd album “Wish You Were Here“, noting the profound impact that Syd Barrett‘s departure due to mental illness had on the individual members and on the band as a whole, as reflected in the song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond“. Also evident was their extreme frustration with the record industry which treated the band like a commodity rather than the musicians they were (“Have a Cigar“, “Welcome to the Machine“) and their own frustrations with being uninspired, disconnected and lonely (“Wish You Were Here“).

In a lot of ways the band draws comparisons between the deterioration of their own relationships and that of Barrett’s mental state. …”Wish You Were Here” is a heartbreaking snapshot of Pink Floyd’s own state in time and I think it’s a testament to the band that, in a time where they were disconnected and bitter,they were able to create something so incredibly emotional and human.