Ukulele Ray & The Lunchbox-A-Lele

Ukulele Ray


Ukulele Ray

Last Saturday at the Expo for the Artist & Musician one of the highlights was Ukulele Ray, who creates the amazing Lunchbox-A-Lele, ukuleles made from classic lunchboxes. He even constructs mini amplifiers for them using smaller lunchboxes. Of course the best part is when you ask him to demo one of his Lunchbox-A-Leles and get to see Ukulele Ray in action.

Ukulele Ray, a San Francisco-born native, is a multi-talented, muti-faceted entertainer and artist. Hailed as the Famous Amos of the Ukulele World and an Andy Warhol and Tiny Tim rolled into one, Ray is the creator of the Lunchbox-A-Lele, which is a cross between uke and lunchbox. He’s a professional singer, comedian and musician as well as actor, model, and dancer.

So if you go into a ukulele store, do they have a sign that says “No ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips'”?

photo credit: Scott Beale