Typography Sketchbooks, A Look Inside the Personal Sketchbooks of Typeface Designers

Typography Sketchbooks is a book that shows the artistic images from the personal sketchbook pages of “nearly 120 of the world’s leading typographers and graphic designers”. Authored by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico, Typography Sketchbooks features the work of typeface designers like Ryan Heshka, Pierre di Sciullo, Ivan Chermayeff and many more.

Typography is an obsession for most designers. It’s at the heart of all visual communication and is one of the purest forms of design, one that can always be improved and refined. Typography Sketchbooks gets into the minds of designers who create typefaces, word images and logos through their private sketchbooks. The result of these wide-ranging typographic musings provide fascinating insights into the expressive quality of letters and words. Aimed at all those who use type, whether by hand or on-screen, this pleasing compendium stresses the importance of good typography at a time when reading habits are changing and celebrates a craft that has endured for centuries.

via Ryan Heshka

images via Ryan Heshka and Thames & Hudson