A Charming Holiday Video About John Lewis in Virginia Who Gets Mistaken for the British Retailer on Twitter

Every year, the British retailer John Lewis runs a wonderfully heartwarming holiday advert that perks up interest in holiday shopping. While the company is indeed on Twitter as JLandPartners, a Blacksburg, Virginia man, who also goes by the name John Lewis, is the actual the owner of the John Lewis handle on Twitter. Luckily for the store, the American Lewis is very patient and rather witty with his responses to those who mistakenly contact him.

Computer science educator, father of four, social liberal, atheist, and not a retail store.

With this in mind, Twitter UK has put together an appreciative holiday video about Lewis’ charming sense of humor and grace while addressing customer complaints from overseas.

Lewis also gives a warm shout out to civil rights leader and Cognressman John Lewis, who also shares the name.