True Love Tinder Robot, A Talking Robotic Hand That Helps Users Find Love Using the Tinder App

True Love Tinder Robot is an art project by Nicole He, a graduate student at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program. The project features a talking robotic hand that senses how one person truly feels about someone else’s Tinder profile and then swipes left or right for them.

The True Love Tinder Robot will find you love, guaranteed. With Tinder open, you put your phone down in front of the robot hand. Then you place your own human hands on the sensors. As you are looking at each Tinder profile, the robot will read your true heart’s desire through the sensors and decide whether or not you are a good match with that person based on how your body reacts. If it determines that you’re attracted to that person, it will swipe right. If not, it will swipe left. Throughout the process, it will make commentary on your involuntary decisions.

True Love Tinder Robot GIF

Thanks Scott Devaney!

Glen Tickle
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