Hello in Elephant, A Wonderful Online Tool That Translates Human Speech Into Elephant Language

I love you in Elephant

Hello In Elephant is a really wonderful project by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that seeks to connect humans with elephants by way of an online tool that translates simple human speech into a language that elephants will understand. Once a message is recorded, a video with an elephant communicating the translation appears and can be shared. The tool also works with text and emojis.

Hello in Elephant is a project designed to raise awareness and drive donations for African elephants. After decades of research into the ways elephants communicate and behave, we’re beginning to understand their language. The HelloinElephant Campaign has been created to provide people with the ability to translate simple human words and emotions into elephant calls that signal similar emotions or intentions. A variety of elephant animations have been created to allow a visual representation of these calls.

Donations can be made to help this and other projects regarding African elephant survival can be made through the site or through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Hello In Elephant

Elephant translation of the words “I Love You“.

And “I’m Happy

via National Geographic, Chris Packham

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