A Remarkably Attentive Domesticated Red Fox Allows Himself to Be Trained by His Patient Human

Riot, the mischievous domestic red fox whose best friend is a German shepherd named Castiel, remarkably allowed himself to be trained by his very patient human. Riot quite obediently followed her directions to sit, shake, spin, lie down, stand, kiss and even was able to successfully leave the yummy treat for which he’d been working so hard. Poor Castiel was left outside while his vulpine buddy had all the fun.

He loves to learn and earn treats! What should he learn next :)? Sorry for the lame audio track, Castiel really wanted all the attention so he was outside crying about it and I tried to cover it up lol..

As well trained as he is, sometimes Riot just wants to be left alone to chew his toy.

Sometimes Riot just gets himself into situations from which he can’t escape without a little help.

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