Tracking Twitter Retweets Using Tweetmeme


Recently I’ve added a Retweet button to our blog posts. It’s a service of Tweetmeme a website that tracks popular links on Twitter. It’s been a really good indicator for which posts are popular as well as making it easier for readers to share them on Twitter. All you do is click the button and it will compose a Twitter post with the title and link of the blog post (the link will be automatically shortened by

It’s super easy to add to your blog, just one line of JavaScript, no account sign-up needed.

Andrew Mager wrote about the Tweetmeme’s Retweet button last week on The Web Life and I agree with him that links shared on Twitter spread much quickly than they do on Digg, maybe Digg will implement something like this on their end.

UPDATE: Tweetmeme has removed the whitelist restriction from their Retweet button, so now you can customize it to display your Twitter @username.