Mike D of the Beastie Boys Gives a Personal Tour of His Beautiful Custom Designed Malibu Beachside Home

In 2013, we wrote about the profile that The New York Times did on Beastie Boys founding member Mike Diamond (Mike D) and his gorgeously renovated Brooklyn Townhouse.

Six years and 3,000 miles later, the performer welcomed Architectural Digest into his beautiful custom-designed Malibu home that he shares with wife Tamara Davis and their two sons Davis and Skyler. The family had enlisted architect Barbara Bestor to help them realize their collective dream of a functioning, peaceful sanctuary on the beach.

This would require way more money and patience than we had. Then we talked to our friend Barbara Bestor, whom we’d known for years. Barbara had kids, and she understood how we wanted to live. She also had experience working within tight money constraints. A quick alliance was struck. Barbara would do all the architecture, and I would oversee the interiors, collaborating closely with her team.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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