Too Many Zooz Perform Their New Song Inside the Social Distancing Circles at Brooklyn’s Domino Park

The members of Too Many Zooz (previously) and several guest musicians performed their new single “Pink Yesterday” while standing inside the now-famous social distancing circles at Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each musician picked their very own circle and played against the gorgeous backdrop of the East River and the iconic New York City skyline. An interested group of onlookers in their own park circles also became part of the backdrop to such an amazing performance.

We had an incredible time making our new video “Pink Yesterday” feat a bunch of awesome musicians and people.

Too Many Zooz Domino Park

Too Many Zooz Pink Yesterday Domino Park

As it so happened, I was walking by while just as they either just started or just finished filming.

Too Many Zooz Pink Yesterday Sugar Refinery

Too Many Zooz Pink Yesterday

Too Many Zooz Pink Yesterday Packing Up

Too Many Zooz Pink Yesterday Shadow