Toastie Knife, An Ingenious Heated Butter Knife by Warburtons


Baking company Warburtons has announced Toastie Knife, a prototype butter knife ingeniously designed with a heated blade. Designworks Group created the knife for Warburtons which uses two AA batteries to heat the blade to 41.8 degrees Celsius (the perfect temperature to easily slice through cold butter).

Voted as ‘Most Desired Breakfast Innovation’ in a poll of just under 3,000 people, Warburtons has worked with leading British designers to design The Warburtons Toastie Knife in order to solve this common breakfast-time dilemma.


Torn toast, clumps of uneven butter and dry edges and are just a few of the annoyances associated with trying to spread cold butter straight from the fridge on to toast in the mornings … but this could be a thing of the past…

Toastie Knife