A Tiny Baby Armadillo Eagerly Eats From a Tiny Dish

Baby Armadillo Drinking Milk

An absolutely adorable teeny tiny southern three-banded armadillo toddler named Spock has made it very clear to his keeper at the ZOO Wroclaw, that he prefers his meals to be served in teeny tiny dishes rather than the standard eyedroppers and syringes usually by other animals. This little one was rejected by his mother and required human assistance to ensure he was getting the right nutrition to grow strong.

When a Southern Three-banded Armadillo pup was born at Poland’s Zoo Wroclaw one morning in May, zoo keepers kept a close eye on how the mother, Hermiona, interacted with her newborn. By that afternoon, the staff realized that Hermiona was showing no interest in her pup and did not nurse him, so they decided to hand-rear the infant. The little male pup is named Spock. Getting Spock to eat was a challenge at first – he would not drink from a bottle. Keepers tried using an eye dropper at feeding time, but Spock didn’t like that, either. One day, Spock started licking milk from a tiny bowl. With practice, he is now a pro at slurping up his supper.

Refusing Syringe

via Zoo Borns

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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