The Unique Drumming Talent of Timothy Fletcher

Timothy Fletcher is a remarkably talented drummer with a unique performing style. His incredible sense of rhythm allows him to keep the beat while dancing, playing with only one stick, playing one-handed. and even backward. Fletcher began playing at a young age but really found his passion for percussion as a teenager.

Although Timothy first started playing drums in 6th grade he didn’t find a love for them until later, while attending high school. Upon graduation, he partnered up with a friend to form their first musical group named “A1Chops”.

Fletcher has since become an international sensation and takes a positive message with him wherever he goes.

Timothy now travels the world sharing love and positive vibes through his magical drum beats hoping to inspire those across the world and encouraging them to follow their dreams and to never give up.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

Lori is a Laughing Squid Contributing Editor based in New York City who has been writing blog posts for over a decade. She also enjoys making jewelry, playing guitar, taking photos and mixing craft cocktails.