Gorgeous Timelapses of Flowers Quickly Blooming

Flowers Blooming

Slovakian filmmaker Majo Chudý has captured in two different videos, the gorgeous sight of different flowers blooming in gorgeous timelapse photography. In “Flowers Blooming”, Chudý took 24000 photos over the course of six months. In “Flowers Blooming 2”, he took more than 40,000 photos over the course of nine months.

[in “Flowers Blooming”] Orchid had very slow, one flower blooming took 65 hours. The fastest was dandelion, blooming took only 9 hours. …[In Flowers Blooming 2] The fastest flowering flower was Succulent Faucaria and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Although blooming lasted only 7 hours.

via Nag on the Lake