Thoughtful Custom Made 3D Printed Sound Wave Rings Created From a Three Second Voice Recording


The Encode Ring is a very thoughtful way to create a unique gift for someone special by using one’s own words. A personal three second message recorded online is turned into a visual imprint, then 3D printed into a sound wave ring from a variety of source metals including gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel.

We all have feelings that we’d like to communicate, even though we can’t normally talk about them. They sound like a platitude when put it into writing and can’t be told in your own words. What kinds of words would you invest in a three-second message to a special person?…Giving form to as many feelings as there are in the world, in as many voices as there are in the world would surely result in a genuine one-of-a-kind item. Rather than the conventional method, which is a name and a message, Encode Ring condenses your feelings towards someone special to you through a design based on your human voice.




photos via Encode Ring

via CNET