Why Thor Needed to Embrace His Weakness, Humility and Humanity Before He Could Become a Worthy King

In a really thought provoking, prescient essay, Debra Minoff and Susannah McCullough of The Take discuss the Marvel character of Thor Odinson and how he personally grew over the course of several films. Thor’s selfish arrogance and entitlement in the beginning eventually caused his hammer to be taken away from him. It was only when Thor embraced his sense of his humility, his real source of strength, his grief, his fear and his frustration that he became a worthy king. Unfortunately for Thor and all those around him, however, old habits are hard to break.

Thor is reverting to his crutches of ego. Rage and short sightedness spells his undoing. Instead of striking a killing blow against Thanos he just has to get in this callback and the universe pays for his arrogance. Thanos teaches him a heartbreaking lesson that a true leader never lets passion overwhelm reason…We can relate to Thor because as much as he seems like a God, he’s humanly flawed like us. ….Question the assumptions we take for granted and always value people first. Only then can we be worthy.