An Angry Recluse Lost in the Past Takes In a Visitor Who Only Wants to Help Him in ‘This Time Away’

This Time Away

The beautifully poignant short film “This Time Away” by Magali Barbé tells the story of Nigel (Timothy Spall), a hardened, angry recluse who prefers to live in the past rather than look forward to the future.

After a fight with his daughter (Jessica Ellerby), Nigel angrily shoos away a group of kids from his property. A seemingly helpless visitor is left behind. After rebuffing the visitor several times, Nigel finally lets him stay. The visitor, whose name is Max, appears to have a singular mission in life: to help Nigel.

Nigel is an elderly man living as a recluse, haunted by his past and memory of the family he once had… until an unexpected visitor arrives and disrupts his lonely routine.

via The Awesomer