This Book Is About Travel (A Manual For Modern Travel) by Andrew Hyde

Andrew Hyde has spent the past 20 months traveling the world and is now writing a book about his travels titled This Book Is About Travel (A Manual For Modern Travel). He recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion of the book.

This is a collection of essays and experiences from months of living on the road with only a backpack to my name. At times this is a difficult. Other times it is a mental escape. It was written on the road – from a hut in the a guest lodge in the high Himalayas to a beach hotel the Caribbean Sea…

Travel, at its core, is opening your heart to possibility.

It is not an adventure of extravagance or wealth. It is an adventure of constraints and character. This book, by design, is a manual for modern travel.

You may remember the recent photo of Andrew where he is sitting with his 39 things (one of which is a Laughing Squid t-shirt):

What I own, updated January 2012, 39 things

photo by Adria Ellis