Brilliant Motion Transfer Glove That Handily Streamlines the Traditional Time Consuming Animation Process

Pasquale D’Silva, the co-founder of the independent animation studio Thinko, demonstrated the “Mr. Puppet Animation System” that they developed in-house. This system uses an engineered glove that handily streamlines the traditional time-consuming animation process by transferring movement in real-time. It also allows animators and artists to publish their work on-screen almost immediately.

Mr. Puppet is our in-house animation system. It allows us to make animation FAST, by using a hybrid approach of puppet style performance, and “traditional” animation. It is valuable at many stages of production to help artists get their ideas onto the screen instantaneously. It’s a great tool for writing, working live, improvising, sketching core performance, and sculpting shots with layered animation.

Mr Puppet Animation System

D’Silva also explained that Thinko uses Mr. Puppet for their own animated series Bird News Now.

We have a show it’s called BNN, Bird News Now. It takes us about 1 to 2 hours to make an episode from start to finish. A normal animated episode of something similar could take days if not weeks to produce. Our pipeline is straightforward we sit down and we shoot the episode. We do a light optional cleanup pass and then it goes straight to editing. Then it’s done. It’s insanely fast.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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