A Hardcover Book of Photos and Original Lyrics by They Might Be Giants Set in the Typeface ‘Concrete Poetry’

TMBG Book Cover

The wonderful band They Might Be Giants (previously) are releasing a BOOK, a beautiful hardcover book featuring beautiful color photographs alongside their original song lyrics. Designer Paul Sahre has used the distinctive typeface “concrete poetry” to express the unique timbre of the band’s songs.

There’s also a bit of a twist (of course). The book features selections from the forthcoming EP hilariously entitled BOOK. Additionally, those who pre-order the book for delivery in September 2021, will also have access to the BOOK EP on both CD and through digital download.

The featured lyrics are selections from BOOK, a forthcoming EP, My Murdered Remains, and I Like Fun. Inside every book of BOOK there is a copy of the musical album BOOK on an indestructible compact disc, and everyone who orders the book of BOOK will get an instantaneous download on release day. Both the fancy WAV format and the practical MP3 format will be available to you.

Book of BOOK is currently available for pre-order through the They Might Be Giants shop.