They Actually Made That!? Episode 5 – Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces

On the latest episode of They Actually Made That!? by Attaboy, he features Kenner’s lifelike doll Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces that was first produced in 1975. The mildly creepy doll could be given a variety of different looks by gluing accessories on his bald head, such as wigs and scars.

It’s Hugo, the Master of Disguise. Explore the magical properties of a glue stick on this not puppet that just stares…and stares… and stares…Explore the “ins ” and “Outs” of this fabled piece of toy history with Attaboy.

Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces photo by Sasha (Alexander) Ressetar
photo by Sasha (Alexander) Ressetar

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips