‘These New York City Streets’, A Short Video About an Artist Who Finds Inspiration in New York City’s Crosswalks

Produced by the ad agency Rooster, “These New York City Streets” is a short video about Brooklyn-based artist and school teacher Kristie Valentine, who has been creating art by tracing the cracks in crosswalks. Valentine brings a roll of paper, a drawing tool and some traffic cones for protection, capturing the uneven patterns for posterity. The artist isn’t quite sure yet what she’s creating with page after page of designs, but believes she’s building toward something.

The patterns have this beautiful organic feeling that doesn’t really reference that structure of the city, but it’s kind of my intention to make something that brings it back into that reference of where it comes from. This urban environment. I’m in the process of discovering what I’m making, and to me, that’s exciting. I don’t want to make art that I already know how to make.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips