Theremini, A Theremin That Can Make It Impossible for Beginners to Play a Wrong Note


The Theremini by Moog is a new version of the Theremin that can help beginners learn the complicated instrument. The Theremin — which was first invented and patented by Léon Theremin in 1928 — is played without any physical contact. Instead, the musician moves their hands in front of two metal antennas on the Theremin. The distance from one antenna controls the pitch and the other controls the volume.

Moog’s Theremini has a pitch control knob that, when set at 100, makes it impossible for the musician to play a wrong note. Players can turn the knob all the way down to zero for gradually decreasing levels of pitch assistance. The Theremini also has a built-in tuner that shows players how close to perfect each note is in real-time, a useful feature that could help beginners learn to master the unusual instrument. It’s available to purchase online at Moog.

image via Moog Music

via Gizmodo

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