Them Ain’t Big Eye Ants, A DVD Compilation by They Might Be Giants

Them Ain't Big Eye Ants

Them Ain’t Big Eye Ants is a DVD compilation of music videos and animations by They Might Be Giants, including rare Home Movies and Homestar Runner clips. It is available to purchase at the TMBG site. Also available is “They Might Be Giants Playing Cards Featuring Mythical Creatures.”

Includes: When Will You Die?, The Mesopotamians, Tubthumping, Bastard Wants to Hit Me, Can’t Keep Johnny Down (Fan Version), With the Dark, Electronic Istanbul, Alphabet of Nations, Damn Good Times, Anaheim HOB, We Live In A Dump, Spoiler Alert, Cloisonn√©, I’m Impressed, You Probably Get That a Lot, Experimental Film, Can’t Keep Johnny Down (Surround Version), Shadow Government, Taste the Fame (from Home Movies), Asbury Park, Los Angeles, I’m All You Can Think About, Read a Book, 200 Sbemails.

image via TMBG

via TMBG

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff